• November 7, 2022
  • Geoff Cashion

While a Vasectomy has traditionally been a very private and personal decision between couples looking to explore permanent solutions for their family planning goals; Vasectomies exploded in popularity in 2022. Awareness, younger generations exploring this option for social and environmental reasons, and even the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in the United States, have all had a notable effect on online searches and inquiries for Vasectomies in Australia this year.

But while the topic has never been more widely explored, the amount of information available to people online – from funny TikTok videos to dissenting opinions – makes it difficult to obtain clear facts and information about procedures like vasectomy in Canberra, and how they can be used to align with someone’s lifestyle goals.

That is why Dr. Geoff Cashion, founder of Vasectomy Australia, is proud to be associated with World Vasectomy Day; celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022. With over 1,000 participating providers from 30+ countries, World Vasectomy Day continues to grow into the largest male-focused sexual and reproductive health movement in the world. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, events have been organized throughout the month of November, culminating in a 24-Hour Global celebration on December 2nd.

“I’ve dedicated my life to the practice of Vasectomy, and I’m proud to be associated with World Vasectomy Day to further promote and bring awareness to this safe, reliable procedure that can positively impact so many people.”, says Dr. Geoff Cashion. “It is amazing how many people that I’ve met, that still have a very antiquated notion about what a vasectomy is, and how it can provide lasting benefits to men and couples looking for a permanent contraception method.  

As more men take an active approach to defining their reproductive health, Vasectomy has often been seen as the safe alternative to more aggressive procedures designed for women.

“Many men I see don’t realize that they can achieve complete sterilization in a simple 20-minute procedure, that leaves only a small scar, with no anesthesia that feels no worse than a pin prick, with no changes in their sexual health.  In fact, many couples find more satisfaction in the freedom of knowing that a vasectomy has reduced their risk of unwanted pregnancies.”

Dr. Geoff Cashion has been working across Australia since 2018, and he has become a valued and trusted resource for many men looking for a permanent method of contraception.

“I still remember my first cases. When you hear the stories of the positive impact that this simple little procedure has had on people’s lives, you really get quite affected by it.  It is powerful.”

For more information about World Vasectomy Day activities with Dr. Geoff Cashion, or about the vasectomy procedure in general, please do not hesitate to contact Vasectomy Australia.

Geoff Cashion

About The Author

Geoff Cashion

Dr Cashion was born in Brisbane and grew up in Rockhampton. After graduating in medicine from the University of Queensland in 2002 he spent many years working in emergency medicine and general practice. He completed training in the No Scalpel Vasectomy technique under Dr Doug Stein in Florida with further training undertaken in Australia. Opening Vasectomy Australia, he has grown it into one of the largest providers of Vasectomy in Australia, while still performing more than 3500 vasectomies a year himself.