When it comes to a safe, effective and affordable vasectomy, Mackay men turn to the team at Vasectomy Australia, that can complete the procedure in 30 minutes, requiring minimal down time. Performed with only a local anaesthetic, Dr. Matthew Valentine performs his no-scalpel vasectomy technique  which gives men looking to control their family planning future peace of mind, and a speedy recovery.

Men all around Australia trust Vasectomy Australia with this delicate procedure, we are performing over 100 procedures per week, at one of the lowest vasectomy costs Mackay men can find.  Contact us today, so we can help address any questions that you may have.

Vasectomy Australia founder Dr Geoff Cashion discusses vasectomies; how they work and the recovery process, to help you make an informed decision if a vasectomy is right for you

What exactly is a vasectomy?

Many men reach a point in their lives where the vasectomy procedure is an ideal form of sterilisation which offers a permanent contraception method. This simple surgical procedure closes the sperm-carrying tubes in the male anatomy meaning a man’s semen no longer carries sperm or presents the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

The procedure itself can be performed in 30 minutes and allows you to drive yourself home afterwards as it does not require a general anaesthetic. It is a no-scalpel, gentle technique that works into most schedules due to the fast recovery times.

The whole process can happen quite quickly as you have the option of a consultation and procedure within 48 hours. If better suited, you can also have a phone consultation with Dr. Matthew Valentine at no cost and use our online bookings platform to select the most relevant vasectomy clinic locations in Australia to you.

Introducing Dr. Matthew Valentine

Dr Valentine completed his medical degree at the University of Adelaide in 2000. Following a two year internship and residency at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Dr Valentine spent 5 years working full-time as a Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Dr Valentine has been performing vasectomies in Brisbane since 2008, having initially trained in the traditional technique with Dr Greg Silver. He has subsequently undergone further training in the USA, specialising in the No Scalpel Vasectomy Technique. Having performed over 8000 vasectomies, Dr Valentine currently performs vasectomies in metropolitan Brisbane, regional Queensland, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Dr Valentine is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and holds the position of Designated Aviation Medical Examiner with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


The cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy with Vasectomy Australia:

Vasectomy Fee* $795
Less Medicare Rebate $215
Out of Pocket Cost $580

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