If you are looking for the safest and easiest vasectomy Perth can offer, Vasectomy Australia performs an open-ended no-scalpel vasectomy technique at convenient locations across Perth, including our flagship location at the Perth Vasectomy Centre in Kiara, providing a permanent method of contraception by closing the sperm-carrying tubes, removing the possibility of future pregnancy.

Our convenient vasectomy clinic Perth locations are designed to help provide easier access for Perth men looking to achieve greater peace of mind. Click on the location best situated for you, to learn more about our service and how we can help you.

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Reached your limit of children? The vasectomy procedure keeps your family numbers at their limit.

What is a vasectomy?

The vasectomy procedure is a simple process in which the vas deferens (vas) is cut to cause sterilisation in a male. The vas is a tube that carries sperm from the testicles where it is made to the penis. On the way, sperm is joined by semen, so your ejaculate contains both sperm and semen.

Sperm makes up a very small percentage (less than 5%) so most men will not notice any change in the volume of their ejaculate after a vasectomy. The team at Vasectomy Australia performs this procedure regularly in Perth as well as other vasectomy clinic locations throughout Australia.

Why should I choose Vasectomy Australia

We perform vasectomies all around Australia and are experts dedicated to the open-ended and no-scalpel vasectomy Perth-based procedure. We are trusted by men around Australia, performing over 2000 of procedures per year.

All of Vasectomy Australia’s doctors have undergone expert training under world leading vasectomists, using a gentle technique allowing fast recovery with minimal downtime.

Our Locations in Perth

The Perth Vasectomy Centre

Perth – Kiara

  • Lockridge Medical Centre,
    64 Aussat Drive,
    Kiara Western Australia 6054

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Perth – Cannington

  • Cannington Medical & Dental Centre,
    8-10 Hamilton Street
    Cannington, WA 6107

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Perth – Rockingham

  • Rockingham Medical & Dental Centre,
    18 Civic Boulevard,
    Rockingham, WA 6168

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Perth – Hillarys

  • Hillarys Plaza Medical Centre,
    3/2 Banks Ave,
    Hillarys WA 6025

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What does a vasectomy cost Perth men?

The cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy with Vasectomy Australia:

Vasectomy Fee $750
Less Medicare Rebate $214
Out of Pocket Cost $536

A $100 deposit must be paid on booking to secure your appointment. The balance is payable on the day of your procedure. Once you have paid the full amount you will be provided with an invoice/receipt to claim your Medicare rebate.

Please note that if you have procedure at Neutral Bay, Penrith, Gladstone Park, Berwick, Trinity Gardens or CQ Doctors, your Medicare rebate is based on the balance of $650 paid at the clinic. Your deposit of $100 will not count towards your Medicare Safety Net.

Frequently Asked Questions

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