Have you decided that it is time for a vasectomy? Adelaide men can visit Dr Geoff Cashion of Vasectomy Australia for a quick 30 minutes procedure that only requires a local anaesthetic. With the use of the no-scalpel vasectomy technique, you can obtain a pregnancy risk-free lifestyle with a quick recovery of around seven days.

Dr Cashion performs around 40 vasectomies for the men of Australia per week, along with one of the lowest vasectomy costs Adelaide men can access for such a high-quality procedure.

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Happy with your current number of children? The vasectomy procedure ensures there will be no surprise additions to the family.

What does a vasectomy do?

Men who no longer wish to have children or use various forms of contraception turn to a vasectomy procedure for obtaining the peace of mind they are looking to achieve. This form of permanent contraception closes the sperm-carrying tubes, making the semen free of sperm that can cause an unwanted pregnancy.

If you do not wish to have children in the future, this is an option that removes that risk. It is important that you do not approach this decision lightly or with any thoughts of a reversal in mind. This is a permanent form of contraception and should be considered as such.

Essentially, this procedure offers peace of mind, in a simple uncomplicated 30 minute process that requires minimal downtime, where you can even drive yourself home afterwards. There is no scalpel required in this comfortable and quick process. Dr Cashion performs the procedure regularly in Adelaide as well as other vasectomy clinic locations throughout Australia.

Why is Dr Cashion one of the best options for my procedure?

You’ll feel safer knowing that you are in the hands of a surgeon with over 3 years of medical experience performing vasectomies all around Australia. Dr Cashion is an expert at the open-ended and no-scalpel vasectomy, performing the technique around 2000 times per year. The men of Adelaide, and indeed Australia, consider him a very trusted option for this delicate procedure.

As a former medical educator and supervisor of general practice registrars at James Cook University, Dr Cashion has an exemplary record for success.

Dr Cashion provides peace of mind to all of his patient’s thanks to his in-depth skills and portfolio of work.

How much will I pay for a vasectomy?

The cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy with Vasectomy Australia:

Vasectomy Fee$750
Less Medicare Rebate$200
Out of Pocket Cost$550

A $100 deposit must be paid on booking to secure your appointment. The balance is payable on the day of your procedure. Once you have paid the full amount you will be provided with an invoice/receipt to claim your Medicare rebate.

Please note that your Medicare rebate is based on the balance of $650 payable at the clinic. Your deposit of $100 will not count towards your Medicare Safety Net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Cashion offers a range of clinical options across Australia for the vasectomy procedure, including right here in Adelaide. The scalpel free vasectomy in Adelaide can be accessed at the Trinity Garden Medical Centre. If you are considering the procedure in a different state, there are additional options, including; You can simply book online by selecting the clinic best suited to you.  Vasectomy Australia even offers the opportunity to book in a consultation and procedure on the same day, limiting the disruption in your life.
No. Your vasectomy procedure can be booked directly through us.
Most procedures take about 15-20 minutes and you can safely and comfortably drive yourself home without assistance afterwards.

It would be best if you read our Preparing for your Vasectomy page to understand all of the elements required from you. Our team is always on hand to guide you through this process.

If this question is a serious consideration in your process of deciding on a vasectomy, you should think twice about the procedure. While yes, vasectomies can be reversed, it is an expensive process that will not always work or be covered under your Medicare plan. Consider this procedure as permanent contraception.
Dr Cashion’s skillset alone already significantly reduces the rate of complications from your vasectomy, but all surgical procedures come with an element of risk that you should be aware of. We have outlined the full list of potential complications in your consent form, the most common ones to be aware of, however, are bruising or mild pain and swelling, both of which will commonly settle a few days after your procedure.
If your job role requires heavy lifting, you will need to refrain from that activity (inclusive of weight training) for about a week. Either make sure you get some time off work (for which a certificate can be provided) or ask for light duties. If you work in an office-based role or similar, you will often be able to return to work straight away. Some men recover quicker than others from a vasectomy, as it is all based on your individual healing ability. In cases where the ability is a bit slower, it may take up to two weeks for a full recovery. The average time to feel back to normal is about 7 days.
All of our vasectomies are performed under local anaesthetic. If you prefer to have your procedure under sedation or general anaesthetic, please see your GP who can organise a referral to a urologist.

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