Are you looking for a safe vasectomy, Sydney men can have performed in under 30 minutes? Vasectomy Australia performs this procedure under local anaesthetic with a no-scalpel technique that allows for a quicker recovery, meaning you can resume usual activities within seven days.

Dr. Geoff Cashion performs around 40 of these procedures per week with one of the lowest vasectomy costs Sydney can offer. His open-ended no-scalpel technique is proven to have the lowest risk of complications possible.

Dr Cashion discusses vasectomies; how they work and the recovery process, to help you make an informed decision if a vasectomy is right for you

What is Vasectomy

The vasectomy procedure is a form of male sterilisation that creates a permanent method of contraception via a surgical procedure. By closing the sperm-carrying tubes, sperm is no longer able to access the semen meaning there are no chances of possible pregnancy.

The vasectomy procedure is quick and able to be performed in under 30 minutes and does not require a general anaesthetic. Dr. Cashion performs over 1500 vasectomies a year with a gentle technique that allows for a fast recovery and return to work all at an affordable price.

You will be able to have your consultation and the procedure within 48 hours in our clinic or speak to Dr. Cashion for a free phone consultation. Online bookings are also available for a range of locations around Australia.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Geoff Cashion has been practicing medicine for over 17 years and was trained in the US by one of the world’s leading vasectomy surgeons, Dr. Doug Stein, in Florida.

Dr. Cashion specialises in the no-scalpel technique via multiple locations across Australia and is one of the busiest in the field, performing around 40 vasectomies a week. Many men have trusted his skills in ensuring they no longer have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy with their partner.

​Born in Brisbane, Dr. Cashion graduated from the University of Queensland in Medicine in 2002 and is a fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM). He is also a former medical educator and supervisor of general practice registrars through James Cook University.


The vasectomy cost Sydney men have access to via Vasectomy Australia is based on the fee recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA):

Vasectomy Fee$595
Less Medicare Rebate$233
Out of Pocket Cost$362

We require that the total fee be payable on the day of your procedure. Your Medicare rebate can be credited to your account within 48 hours in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery after the vasectomy procedure is very simple. You may feel a little sore; however this will only last for a few days. It will take around three months for your semen to become clear of sperm, at which point you will no longer require any birth control methods during intercourse.

There can be risks of bruising or infection; however these are quite low and can be minimised by resting and wearing underpants that provide ample support.

We recommend that you avoid aspirin as well as heavy lifting or extreme movement for a week after the vasectomy. Desk-based roles, however, should be able to be resumed the day after having your vasectomy.

It would also be best to avoid sitting for long periods, bike riding, and contact sports for around 2-3 weeks.

For those who are no longer wanting to have children, the vasectomy procedure provides peace of mind for both men and women, creating almost zero risk of possible pregnancy.

Dr. Cashion performs the no-scalpel procedure in a range of vasectomy clinic locations across Australia with a focus on Sydney vasectomy services, including other areas within New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

For those interested in a Sydney-based clinic, the options are as follows:

  • Neutral Bay Medical Centre
  • Enmore Medical Practice
  • Blacktown Doctors and Medical Centre
  • ​Newcastle – Cooks Hill Family Practice
  • Wollongong – Oche Medical Centre
  • Central Coast / Gosford – Gynaecology Centres of Australia
  • Canberra- Gynaecology Centres of Australia Queenbeyan

Other clinics accessible across Australia include:

  • Melbourne – Gladstone Park Superclinic
  • ​Melbourne – Bay St Family Medical Centre Brighton
  • ​Berwick – Casey Superclinic
  • Brisbane – Taringa 7 Day Medical Centre
  • ​Logan – Logan Central Medical Centre
  • Morayfield – Morayfield 7 Day Medical Centre
  • Rockhampton – CQ Doctors
  • Mackay – City GP Superclinic
  • Adelaide – Trinity Garden Medical Centre

Bookings can be made over the phone or online by selecting the clinic you wish to visit.

While vasectomies can be reversed, we strongly recommend you do not undergo this procedure if you think there is a chance you’ll want a reversal. Vasectomies should be thought of as permanent contraception.

Reversals are very expensive, not covered by Medicare, and can not be guaranteed to work.

You will be able to masturbate comfortably a few days after your procedure, and full sexual functions will be able to be resumed after roughly a week. There will be no change to erections, desire, or ejaculation post-procedure.

You may notice a slight difference in the volume of ejaculate, but for most men, their sex life improves post-vasectomy due to zero almost risk of pregnancy or requirement of contraception.

It is vital, however, that you do not rely on your vasectomy as a form of birth control until we have confirmed it is safe to do so, roughly around the three months month mark post-procedure. This time is required to flush the sperm from your semen.

The vasectomy procedure performed by Dr. Cashion is exceptionally safe, and it has been proven that the procedure creates no increased risks of long term complications such as cancer.

Our Locations

To book an appointment for vasectomy in Sydney (Inner West)

  • 1800 SNIPME (1800 764 763)
  • Enmore Medical Practice
    134-146 Enmore Rd, ENMORE NSW 2042
  • Vasectomies are performed at Enmore Medical Practice every Monday.

Booking can also be made directly through the clinic :

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Other Sydney locations

Neutral Bay Medical Centre
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Blacktown Doctors and Medical Centre
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