Looking for a trustworthy vasectomy clinic? Wollongong men can head to Vasectomy Australia where the lead surgeon Dr Geoff Cashion offers a safe and affordable 30 minute, no-scalpel vasectomy that will remove the risk of unwanted pregnancy from their life quickly, safely, and with minimal costs. Performed under a local anaesthetic, this particular technique offers a speedy recovery for minimal downtime.

Working all around Australia, Dr Cashion provides a safe vasectomy Wollongong men can trust. The delicate procedure is reasonably priced with all of the necessary support provided from start to finish.

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Men no longer wanting to have children have the option of the vasectomy procedure offered by Dr Cashion.

What is a vasectomy and how can it help me?

The vasectomy procedure is a form of permanent contraception method via a quick surgical procedure that closes your sperm-carrying tubes, meaning that the semen can no longer be carried with the sperm.

​Performed in 30 minutes under a local anaesthetic, this non-scalpel technique is gentle, with a quick recovery time. You can have your consultation and the procedure within 48 hours, or use the online bookings platform to pick the clinic location best suited for you around Australia.

Why should you trust Dr Cashion with this delicate procedure?

With over 17 years of experience in the medical profession, Dr Cashion now specialises in the no-scalpel vasectomy technique, performing around 2000 procedures a year throughout Australia and offers exemplary results.

​A former medical educator and supervisor of general practice registrars with James Cook University Dr Cashion has a degree in medicine and is a fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM).

He is in-demand thanks to his in-depth skills and exceptional track record, which have made him one of the busiest vasectomy surgeons in the country.

Dr Cashion performs around 40 vasectomies a week and is well-respected in the medical community.

How much will this procedure cost me?

Vasectomy Fee$750
Less Medicare Rebate$200
Out of Pocket Cost$550

A $100 deposit must be paid on booking to secure your appointment. The balance is payable on the day of your procedure. Once you have paid the full amount you will be provided with an invoice/receipt to claim your Medicare rebate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a non-scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Cashion at Vasectomy Australia is easy; either online or by selecting the relevant clinic and contacting via the phone.

Vasectomy procedures in Sydney, Wollongong and other suburbs in New South Wales are performed at:

Other areas available for bookings around Australia include:

Yes, you will be able to safely and comfortably drive home post-procedure.

Yes, our Preparing for your Vasectomy page provides all of the relevant information in regards to this.

If this is a valid question for you, you should reconsider a vasectomy. The procedure can be reversed but it is expensive with results that are not guaranteed or covered by Medicare. It would be best if you considered this a permanent procedure. ​

Dr Cashion’s skill-level reduces the risk of complications but all surgical procedures present an element of risk. These will be outlined in your consent form, the primary two being;

  1. Bruising in the days after your vasectomy that will usually disappear after about a week
  2. Mild pain or swelling which will also calm a few days after your procedure ​

If your job requires heavy lifting, some time off work may be required, for which we can provide a medical certificate.

The chance of infection is significantly reduced by the fact that our team strictly adheres to the infection control protocol.

No, it is vital to understand that the vasectomy procedure does not work immediately and you are only fertile once we have confirmed the procedure was a success after our analysis at the three-month mark.   ​

As long as you are not lifting anything too heavy for the first week you can return to your job straight away. If you do work in a role that requires an amount of heavy lifting we can provide a medical certificate to allow you to take some recovery time off.

You should be able to resume sexual activity after about one week, but you must continue to use contraception during this time until we have determined you are truly sterile.

No, a referral will not be required, you can book your procedure and organise the entire process directly through us. ​​

Every man experiences a different healing ability, some recover quite quickly however longer periods for those with slower healing can be around two weeks. On average, however, most men are recovered after about seven days. ​

We only offer vasectomy under local anaesthetic, those who would prefer that it be performed under sedation or general anaesthetic will require a referral from a urologist.

​You may have heard this term used while looking into the vasectomy procedure but in actual fact, the laser vasectomy does not exist.  Our process involves a hyfrecator to cut the vas which is what people often refer to as a laser vasectomy.

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