Vasectomy Procedure Explained

Making a decision to have a vasectomy can be a daunting experience but you need not worry.  Most men tolerate the procedure very well and recover quickly.

​The following explains what to expect on the day of your vasectomy procedure:

​1. Pre-Vasectomy consultation

​Before we take you through for you vasectomy procedure, Dr Cashion will conduct a consultation with you to:

  • Confirm your decision to have permanent sterilisation with Vasectomy
  • Go through your medical history and confirm you are not on any medication such aspirin or warfarin that would require postponement of the procedure
  • Review the consent form to make sure you understand the risks and potential complications of having a vasectomy
  • Conduct a brief examination to confirm he can feel the vas deferens


2. The vasectomy procedure

​After your consultation you will be take through to the procedure room where you will meet the nurse who is assisting Dr Cashion.

You will be asked to take off your pants and underwear and make yourself comfortable on the bed with a sheet over you while we do final preparations for your vasectomy procedure.

You will then be cleaned with a preparation called betadine which is used to reduce the chance of infection.

​You will then be given a small needle with some local anaesthetic to numb the skin of the scrotum.  Most men barely notice this injection.   An incision will be then made in the front of the scrotum.

​Further local anaesthetic is then injected into each side of the scrotum around each vas deferens.  This can feel a little uncomfortable for a couple of seconds.

The left vas deferens is then removed from the scrotum and its outer lying tissue removed.  We then use a hyfrecator to cut the vas in half and block off the end closest to the penis (prostatic end).   A tissue layer is then place between the prostatic end of the vas and the end closest to the testicle (testicular end) to try to prevent the ends getting back together.  This is referred to as fascial interposition.

The testicular end is then cut with scissors to leave it open and the end is returned back into the scrotum.

​We then repeat this process on the right vas.

The small wound on the front of the scrotum is then closed with some steri-strips and you are free to go.

You will be given your post operative instructions which includes Dr Cashion’s mobile number should you have any issues, along with your pathology request form for your post vasectomy semen analysis.


Preparing For Your Vasectomy

1. Cease any blood thinning medication at least 7 days prior your procedure. You may wish to discuss this with your GP or specialist. If you are unsure please call 1800 SNIPME (1800 764 763) or email

cease blood thinning medication
shave scrotum

2. On the morning of your procedure, please shave your scrotum with a razor as per the picture on the left.

3. Make sure you have some time off work planned if you have a physical job, or you have arranged light duties with no heavy lifting (any lifting that involves straining) for 7 days after your procedure.

time off work
consent form

4. Please read and sign our electronic consent form which will be sent via SMS to your phone 3 days before your procedure.


The cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy with Vasectomy Australia:

Vasectomy Fee* $750
Less Medicare Rebate $214
Out of Pocket Cost $536

A $100 deposit must be paid on booking to secure your appointment. The balance is payable on the day of your procedure. After you have your procedure we will submit your invoice to Medicare on your behalf and you should receive your $214 rebate to your account within a couple of days.

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