The Vasectomy Australia no-scalpel technique is very popular with men around the country as it offers a safe and effective form of permanent contraception; it has minimal downtime, and provides you with a complete recovery in roughly seven days.

The safest and easiest vasectomy Berwick men can have with a procedure that is performed in under 30 minutes, is this open-ended no-scalpel vasectomy technique performed by Dr Geoff Cashion; an expert in this procedure. With the lowest risk of complications possible, if you are considering the procedure, this is the quickest and easiest vasectomy Berwick men have on offer.

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The vasectomy procedure allows you to do away with other forms of contraception.

What will a vasectomy do?

The vasectomy procedure means permanent contraception. The process closes the sperm-carrying tubes, meaning you will still ejaculate during sexual activity, however, there will be no sperm with which impregnation can occur.

The simple procedure is performed in under 30 minutes without the need for general anaesthetic.

Why should I choose Dr. Cashion?

Dr Cashion performs over 2000 vasectomies a year via a range of locations around Australia. He specialises in the no-scalpel and open-ended technique and has honed his skills which he acquired studying with one of the world’s most prolific vasectomists in the United States.  He has dedicated his entire practice to vasectomy, which he performs 5 days a week

A fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM), Dr Cashion is considered one of the foremost skilled vasectomy doctors in Australia.

Dr. Cashion performs around 40 successful vasectomies a week.

What will I need to pay for a vasectomy?

The cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy with Vasectomy Australia:

Vasectomy Fee$750
Less Medicare Rebate$200
Out of Pocket Cost$550

A $100 deposit must be paid on booking to secure your appointment. The balance is payable on the day of your procedure. Once you have paid the full amount you will be provided with an invoice/receipt to claim your Medicare rebate.

Please note that your Medicare rebate is based on the balance of $650 paid at the clinic. Your deposit of $100 will not count towards your Medicare Safety Net.

Frequently Asked Questions

The men of Berwick have easy access to Dr. Cashion and his no-scalpel procedure via a range of vasectomy clinic locations. Victorian based clinic options include; Along with other locations around the country:

A Vasectomy by Dr Cashion will take about 15-20 minutes, and you can read our “Preparing for your Vasectomy” page to ensure that you are completely ready for everything involved.

It is crucial to note that this is a life-changing procedure, though our team is always on hand to guide you through it and answer any questions that you may have. You should be fully aware of, and comfortable with, all aspects of this procedure before proceeding.

While vasectomies can be reversed, the actual reversal is an expensive process and it will not always guarantee the desired results. If thoughts of a reversal are on your mind, or you are planning this procedure with that as a possible fallback plan in the future, you may want to reconsider your options.

It is best to think of this procedure as a permanent contraception method. Reversals will not be covered by Medicare and can cost upwards of $5000, so are not an ideal plan B.

Yes, operating a vehicle post-procedure is allowed and safe and there is no need for you to bring a second person to drive after the procedure unless you’d feel more comfortable that way.
The act of undergoing a vasectomy with Dr Cashion in itself reduces the rate of complication due to his in-depth skillset. All surgical procedures however, carry an element of risk. Our team will provide you with a consent form that will detail any relevant risks, but the most prominent would be bruising or mild pain and swelling, both of which will usually disappear after roughly one week.
They are not. This is a very important element to note about the vasectomy procedure. The process does not work immediately and other forms of contraception must still be used until you have been told it is safe to proceed without them. Consider yourself fertile until the point that our team has confirmed that your procedure has been successful. We will run a semen analysis three-months post-procedure to confirm that you are completely sterile. The procedure does not offer an instant effect, as there may still be some remaining semen within your tubes. Your body needs time to “clean out the pipes” before you can be considered a zero-risk of causing pregnancy.
For the work side of things, the answer depends on the type of work you do. If you are in a position that involves manual labour, you may require some time off as it is vital that no heavy objects are lifted for around one-week post-procedure (this includes training at the gym). If you work in an office, you can resume work immediately. A medical certificate can be provided if you require some time off. Sexual activity can be resumed after about one week, however it is recommended that you take things slow, to begin with. It is vitally important to remember the necessary use of other forms of contraception during this time until we have given you the all-clear.

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